More on the menu at 5Forty


After a 20 year career in the retail sector, 5Forty Café and Grill owner Scott Janzen is moving onto a new chapter in his life. Offloading the retail side of his store, Janzen has spent the past several weeks refurbishing the interior of 5Forty, creating extra seating, upgrading his kitchen, and installing a bar, just in time to open for the busy … [Read more...]

Harvest is here

Harvest Swenarchuk

October is harvest season in B.C. which means fresh fruit and vegetables, hearty soups, comfort foods and home-cooked meals. SPIN caught up with Sun Peaks Resort’s junior sous chef John Swenarchuk, to chat about all things harvest this month. Originally from North Vancouver, Swenarchuk has worked throughout B.C. including as a chef for a … [Read more...]

Herb gardens growing popular


Local restaurants have started a trend of delivering fresh, locally grown herbs to guests as part of the dining experience in Sun Peaks — with an enthusiastic response. Restaurant chefs are utilising their patio space to grow a range of fresh herbs, including basil, thyme, oregano, mint, rosemary, dill, chives, and more. “Our guests love it. They … [Read more...]