Garden Rail Jam this Sunday

Garden Rail Jam - File Photo

The Oronge Board Shop Garden Rail Jam is set to return to Sun Peaks on Sunday, Jan. 25, for an afternoon of shredding sure to build stoke for competitors and spectators. Kent “Koach” Thiessen, co-owner of Oronge Board Shop, said the event had been a highlight for local competitors for many years. “It’s a progressive rail jam. It’s about pushing … [Read more...]

Blind Tasting Party

Wine 02

On the night of Monday, January 16, the SPIN News Team (Similar to the Channel 4 News Team, but with less Ron Burgundy and more Australian charm) headed to Cahilty Creek Bar and Grill to take part in their Blind Tasting Party. It’s one of around 20 events happening in Sun Peaks this week as part of the Sun Peaks Winter Okanagan Wine Festival. They … [Read more...]

Distracted parents — the newest problem

Monkey See

Dear Danielle, My three-year-old always wants my phone and gets very upset when I don’t let her have it. She cries and screams until I give in and give it to her and then she ignores me when I talk to her. I have to fight with her to get it back. Should I do this? Baffled Mom Dear Baffled Mom: You have, unfortunately, fallen into the … [Read more...]