Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks to improve instructor training

Veteran ASSP volunteer Gerry Tremblay works with Cassie Kennedy to improve her sit-ski techniques. 
Photo: George Wycherley

by: Marlie Beets If a person’s keen to learn to ski or snowboard and is visually impaired, missing a limb, or has autism, where do they go for the kind of specialized instruction they need? One option is Sun Peaks Resort in B.C.’s Interior where a recent grant of $10,000 from the Kamloops Blazers “Sports Legacy Fund” will help Adaptive Sports at … [Read more...]

Lessons learned in pleasing the snow god

Carmen Ruiz border

“Home we go! Out of the driving snow! Yule tree sought we, Yule tree bear we! Home we go! Yule log’s might and main we bring With Ullr’s blessing: let us sing Around the fire’s glow!” — Lyrics from Ullr’s Yule Gift by Winifred Hodge Rose. Ullr (pronounced oolar) — the god of snow — is worshiped in ski towns like Sun Peaks. When there’s a … [Read more...]

Trek to the top of the course in Vars


There’s a ton of work involved in ski racing, and putting on a ski race and participating in speed skiing is no exception. Behind the scenes, the organizers must present the event, register the participants, specify course grooming, build safety fences, pay insurance, print accreditation, hold racer meetings, advertise, secure accommodation, get … [Read more...]