Trek to the top of the course in Vars


There’s a ton of work involved in ski racing, and putting on a ski race and participating in speed skiing is no exception. Behind the scenes, the organizers must present the event, register the participants, specify course grooming, build safety fences, pay insurance, print accreditation, hold racer meetings, advertise, secure accommodation, get … [Read more...]

Faster, faster, faster


Since the first skiers recorded their speeds way back in the late 1800s, enthusiasts from around the globe have been trying to see how fast a human can really go on a pair of skis. The first barrier of 200 km/h was broken in the late 1970s and the speeds have just increased since then. The current world record is held by Italy’s Simone Origone at a … [Read more...]

Zero to 175 km/h in 8 seconds


Over 40 racers from 10 countries will be in Sun Peaks this week with one goal in mind — to go as fast as they can on skis. The 2014 Sun Peaks FIS Speed Skiing World Cup commandeers Headwalls ski run once again this year from March 5 to 8. The event, formerly known as the Velocity Challenge, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and its 12th year … [Read more...]

Cleaning house


I hate to admit it wasn’t that much of a shock to me that after more than 80 years reporting community news, sports, obits, and ads the Kamloops Daily News (KDN) announced that it was no longer publishing a daily newspaper. Online competition, increased costs, decreased advertising revenue and market trends are just a few of the tag words used in … [Read more...]

Lead by example


In this day and age of social media, global reach and a perceived awareness of our planet, you’d think we’d be adopting new tricks regarding our responsibility to ourselves, the environment and those around us. It would seem to make sense that, as people learn about better ways to treat our planet and each other, we’d focus locally, in our homes … [Read more...]