Demystifying the key technical elements of Nordic skiing

Nordic Technique

If you would like to ski rather than walk on your skis, then you need to make your skis glide. To achieve glide, you must incorporate the technical elements of skiing: balance, initiating movements with the body core, co-ordination and timing, forward knee drive, and poling action. Balance is critical to both skate and classic skiing. If you’re … [Read more...]

To skate or classic ski — that is the question

Ingrid Mitchell poses with one of each style — skate and classic Nordic skis.
Photo contributed by Bruce Mitchell

As you incorporate Nordic skiing into your active lifestyle, choosing to go with the skate or classic technique can be a challenge. Outfitting yourself with quality gear in either mode is expensive, and jumping into both is beyond the budget of most skiers. Don’t fall victim to the myth that all new Nordic skiers should go with classic. Many people … [Read more...]

Gear for the Nordic Season

nordic skis

For an exhilarating and positive Nordic ski experience it’s important to make wise equipment and clothing selections. Dressing for comfortable skiing depends on the temperature, wind chill, how hard you ski, and how long you plan to be out. To dress for success, go with light layers of wicking, breathable clothing — the colder the day, and the … [Read more...]