Whitecroft fire protection – prepare to cast your vote


The time is approaching for Whitecroft homeowners to make a choice. The plausibility of Whitecroft partnering with Sun Peaks Municipality for fire protection has been underway for almost a year now, but it was the August 8 house fire which destroyed one Whitecroft residence that really brought the discussion to the fore. Ron Storie, manager of … [Read more...]

Legitimate business requirement


The Sun Peaks municipality recently passed a bylaw requiring businesses within the municipality to have a business licence. Effective January of 2014, businesses will have to apply for a licence and, once approved, will receive a temporary permit. Sixty days from the issuing of the temporary licence, business owners must conduct a building code … [Read more...]

The drive is on to build health and community


The Sun Peaks Health Association (SPHA) is looking forward to a bright future with the design of the new health and community centre nearing completion. The building footprint and design has not changed substantially, remaining essentially as presented at the public meeting last March. The new building will be home to many Sun Peaks organizations … [Read more...]