Provincial grants assist municipal infrastructure


Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) recently received just under $150,000 from the provincial government’s Strategic Community Invest Fund (SCIF). The funding, which has been assisting Sun Peaks’ municipality for the past 3 years, is an integral part of the communities “status quo” according the Rob Bremner, chief administrative office … [Read more...]

Notes from the municipal office


Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality’s (SPMRM) Development Procedures Bylaw 0035 has been read three times and approved by the municipal council. This will mean a more organized system will be implemented that outlines fees and applications processes for planning and developing land use in Sun Peaks. The document was redrafted to an updated … [Read more...]

Whitecroft fire protection – prepare to cast your vote


The time is approaching for Whitecroft homeowners to make a choice. The plausibility of Whitecroft partnering with Sun Peaks Municipality for fire protection has been underway for almost a year now, but it was the August 8 house fire which destroyed one Whitecroft residence that really brought the discussion to the fore. Ron Storie, manager of … [Read more...]