Food for the trails

 | November 27, 2013


As an avid mountain explorer I’m also an avid snack carrier.

It’s tricky to maintain a proper diet spending so many hours on the snow, and so few at home in front of the stove. To stay in the game it’s important to learn some recipes for nutritionally beneficial snacks that will boost your vitals instead of crashing them.

Carrying small packets of food on you while on the slopes can help ensure you have a healthy snack every time you find yourself craving something to eat. Having dried fruits and nuts on hand is a great way to manage your hunger throughout the day. If you can get your hands on some quality dried-cured meats, these will also help increase your ability to sustain momentum for longer periods of time without having to go home or stop at a shop for a bite.

On powder days, when you don’t want to be burdened by a backpack and coincidentally have no time to head down to the village for lunch, try packing multiple packets with small amounts of high energy foods into various pockets on your person. Adopting the snack method of eating can help you max out the number of runs you can do in a day! It’s also important to remember to drink enough water, as nothing in the body can be processed properly if you haven’t consumed enough fluids.

By eating organic and minimally processed nuts, organic and hormone free dry-cured meats and non-cooked preparations of fruit you’re consuming high energy sources that are more easily absorbed into your body than cooked and processed products.

If all that is a bit too deep to get into and you just want to ride, stick a couple granola bars in your pockets, get a baggie of any dried-fruit you choose, or some jerky from the market and hit the slopes knowing you’re prepared.

Remember that no amount of food will make you feel better if you choose not to stay hydrated, and water is the single best method of hydration. Eating snacks and sipping water regularly will help you to maintain a steady output of energy so you can keep pulling all the moves you love the most and will give you the fuel your body needs to learn new tricks and complete tighter turns in the snow.

If you feel that you’re missing something key in your diet, and no matter how much you eat you’re always craving more, try using a quality multi-vitamin daily before bed with a glass of water. Vitamins before bed help your body use its downtime to concentrate on absorbing as many quality and rejuvenating minerals as it can, replenishing depleted stores nightly.

Be that guy this season — the one who’s always ready to rip pow and keep going when all the other people cut for lunch and après.