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Unlike the rest of Canada and most of the United States who’ve been scorched beyond belief over the last few months, summer has finally arrived in the B.C. Interior. While it’s been a tough haul for anyone in the tourism industry in British Columbia with less than stellar weather in June and July, now is the time to make the best of it because before too long, the mornings will start to cool and the kids will be back to school.

So before the time flies by and you start busting out those old ski movies to get your winter stoke on, get out and enjoy what this great place we live in has to offer. While no one likes a rainy, cool summer it does offer up some great positives. The alpine blossoms on the upper mountain of Sun Peaks, while late to bloom, are a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours and are an absolute sight to behold, and they probably will continue to be until the end of August. The golf course at Sun Peaks is as lush and green as I’ve ever seen it and our forests are not tinder dry and burning like in Ontario. I know that many things like work, family and busy lives tend to get in the way of our summertime fun, but as August rolls on you better make some time to enjoy what we have.

At the beginning of this month, I finally went on a hike to Tod Lake and Mount Tod—my first, I hate to admit, in a decade of living here. We passed tourists in flip flops and hikers of all shapes, sizes and abilities going in every direction. But one thing I noticed was a distinct lack of Sun Peaks locals. I thought to myself, I wonder if all the locals are like me and just spend too much time working and not enough time enjoying what is just outside our door? Well, guilty as we all may be of getting wrapped up in life, make some time and get out there.

I’m sure most of the people that have read this far probably are the same people that already have a 2011/2012 Ski Pass in their junk drawer or at least have paid for it. If you smiled at that last sentence, do you realize that with that season’s pass, you get two-for-one tickets for biking, hiking and golf at Sun Peaks until those respective seasons end in a few short weeks?

Don’t let these tickets for fun summer activities sit until November when you say to yourself, “Damn; I should have used those before they expired!” Invite a friend up from Kamloops, have some family up for a day or even donate them to a charity like Big Brothers and Sisters that might use them, but get outside and enjoy what little precious summer we have left and do something you haven’t done in a long time—if ever before. After all, when was the last time you played 18 holes in your backyard, went for a hike to Tod Lake/Tod Peak or jumped on a mountain bike and tested your fear factor? As the saying goes, “Just Do It!” You’ll be glad you did.

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