Municipal news

 | May 1, 2013

SPMRM LogoProjects and infrastructure on the agenda

The Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality will be busy during the spring with a number of projects taking place after the snow melts.

Chief Administrative Officer, Rob Bremner, confirmed that the village’s tennis courts will be resurfaced. The amount of work required is still to be settled by an inspection after the thaw. The sports field behind the Sports and Aquatic Centre will be leveled out and enlarged to “try to make it a more useable field,” and “multipurpose,” Bremner said.

The improvements will also include added signage, benches and garbage receptacles along the valley trail.

It’s likely that there will be upgrades to Sun Peaks’ roads, such as pothole and crack filling, before the municipality takes over the roads in September.
“We want to be sure that what we’re taking over is adequate,” Bremner said.

Plans and public meetings

During March and April 2013 the Municipality held a number of public meetings on topics including the health centre, short term nightly rentals, snow removal and the five year plan and budget.

Rob Bremner, the municipality’s CAO, said the meetings were largely positive and “well received.”

At the health centre meeting many residents saw the architectural plans for the proposed building for the first time and a question and answer period was held. The municipality expects to hold fundraising events throughout the year to fund the health centre building and purchase equipment.

Following the budget and 5-year-plan meeting, Bremner confirmed that the municipality is in the process of sourcing quotes in relation to the development of the proposed NHL sized ice rink. Depending on cost, and whether this fits within the amount allocated in the budget, the municipality may look at applying for further funding grants.

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