New townhouse complex begins rezoning process

 | September 4, 2016
Google Earth - 3280 Village Way
Google Earth – 3280 Village Way

Being a small municipality will speed up the development process for Sun Peaks’ newest townhouse complex, according to developer Frank Quinn.

A rezoning application for 3280 Village Way, the address of the 26-unit complex, successfully underwent a first and second reading at the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality council meeting on Aug. 9 and will advance to a public hearing at a regular council meeting.

The ability to rapidly process plans, such as a rezoning application, will allow the project to be completed much quicker than the typical development, Quinn said.

“We’re at the very early stages. The development process is a lengthy one,” Quinn explained. “It takes a long time, usually two to three years, to get a development plan together. It’s going to go way faster this time because it’s a smaller project and the rezoning process is relatively fast in the smaller municipality.”

Quinn said the design is approximately 60 per cent complete and, working alongside architects and consultants, the challenge is to create a quality product that will be in high demand. The cost of the units will not be known until the design is complete, he said.

“It’s such a great piece of land but to find that point where the market really wants the product and the product justifies the use, so you wouldn’t want to put something second rate in that particular kind of site because it’s such a beautiful site,” Quinn said. “That’s our biggest struggle, is to find that fine point with the architects and the consultants that’s going to create a really appealing product for the marketplace.”

A name for the new complex, located beside the Kookaburra Lodge, has not been decided, but Quinn said ideas have been floating around and it will involve the close proximity to the village and easy access throughout Sun Peaks.

The new complex will feature units approximately 2,000 square feet in size and will be similar to the McGillivray Creek complex. It will be the first townhouse development in Sun Peaks in over eight years.

“It’s going to be really nice. It’s going to take what’s been a bit of an eyesore vacant lot for many years that’s become kind of a storage spot and it’s going to really make it a beautiful site,” Quinn said. “It’ll work really well against the new skating rink. That whole area will become a pretty significant and attractive area for the resort.”