Parking on road shoulder racks up warnings for motorists

Old habits die hard. But when it comes to illegal parking around Sun Peaks, your old habit may cost you between $65 and $100 in fines.

So far, the municipality has been lenient in enforcing the parking and traffic bylaw. But even so, bylaw enforcement officer Ed Rampone said he’s already issued 50 warning tickets and seven violation tickets, most of them related to illegal parking.

“In most instances, it’s one warning to make them aware of the bylaw,” said Rampone, who explained that warning tickets are clearly marked as such. “Every warning is recorded. If somebody violates again, then it’s followed up by an actual fine.”

Many people are used to parking on the shoulder of the road, but with the passing of the parking and traffic bylaw in Sun Peaks, this practice has become illegal.

In the winter, accumulation of snow on the sides of the road make the roads narrower, so parking on the shoulder makes it difficult for moving vehicles to pass through. Unfortunately, many motorists are either unaware of it or choose to ignore the bylaw.

“Most of the violations involve parking on the shoulder of the road within the village,” said Rampone. “By merely clearing snow out from the side of a part of the road, it doesn’t entitle you to park your vehicle there. Our typical roads in Sun Peaks are about six to eight metres wide. Many people clear out the snow from the side of the road and think ‘Okay, that’s my parking’ and they put their vehicles there.”

Individuals who receive a fine have the option of paying within 14 days, which reduces the cost to $25 for most of the violations. The person may also choose to contest the ticket. Otherwise, the full fine must be paid unless the ticket is overturned.

The bylaw enforcement officer will not hand out tickets regarding disputes arising from parking on private property or in any of the resort’s parking lots.
In addition to the parking bylaw, Rampone is also in charge of enforcing the noise management bylaw.

The municipality has stated that the noise bylaw will not be enforced within condo and strata properties unless the noise reaches levels that disturb public space. In bare land stratas, the municipality will only step in upon request from the strata corporation. Noise complaints within stratas and condos will be dealt with through the strata management company’s standard noise bylaw.

For more information on the bylaws, contact Ed Rampone at 250-819-8859. Any noise complaints from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. can go through the After Hours Bylaw Enforcement hotline: 250-828-8778.

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