Privacy guidelines to improve landlord and tenant relations

 | November 15, 2010

A landlord and tenant privacy guideline is now available at the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s website.

The document is a response to numerous inquiries by landlords and tenants on privacy issues and was formed by investigations of privacy-related complaints from tenants.

It’ll include answers to frequently asked questions, such as the type of information a landlord can collect from a prospective tenant on the initial application form. It’ll also include guidelines on privacy-related issues, such as the use of video surveillance in an apartment building, for the duration of the tenancy agreement. Through this document, landlords will learn how to handle, use, disclose and store information collected from the tenants in accordance to the Personal Information and Privacy Act.

Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham hopes the document improves the relationship between both parties.

“We hope these guidelines will assist landlords and property managers in discharging their duties under the Residential Tenancy Act in a manner than respects the privacy of tenants and promotes transparency in landlord and tenant relationships,” said Denham.

Read the guidelines online at