Locals tested for COVID-19 in Kamloops receive negative results

After the Sun Peaks COVID-19 testing site was closed, residents had to travel to Kamloops to get tested
 | April 14, 2021
Photo by SPIN.

The Sun Peaks Community Health Centre has received negative COVID-19 test results for all of the residents who were tested in Kamloops. 

In total, 25 people have tested positive for the virus since the first reported cases on Friday, April 9. After the COVID-19 testing site was shut down in Sun Peaks on Monday, residents with symptoms were asked to go to Kamloops for testing. People were encouraged to write S. Barclay on their requisition forms so the Sun Peaks clinic would receive a copy of the results.

None of the individuals who were tested in Kamloops had COVID-19, but Dr. Laura Bantock with the Sun Peaks Community Health Centre said in an email that it is “too early to declare a complete victory.”

In the email, Bantock said she wants to wait until the end of the week to reassess the situation. For now, residents are reminded to follow all public health orders.

Anyone who is showing a sign of COVID-19, such as a cough, sore throat or headache, is asked to book a test in Kamloops. You can book an appointment by clicking here and selecting a Kamloops location. Individuals who are getting tested are asked to write S. Barclay on the requisition form to ensure the Sun Peaks clinic receives the results.