Want to change your life for the better? Sweat the small stuff!

What if you could focus your attention in ways that would change your life? Your possibilities would be endless; your life would be lived with joy and the expectation of success.

Concentration, in this day and age, is really an epic challenge. There are so many things distracting us, and technology is moving so fast that our minds are constantly switching gears trying to take the next bit of information in as fast as possible. We no longer have to be patient when searching for information, products or ideas, as gratification comes to us at lightning speeds. Our minds are changing to keep up with the new demands this new world is putting on us, and with those changes comes the loss of focus and dwindling attention spans. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for athletes, entrepreneurs and business owners to retrain their brains in unusual and powerful ways.

Take, for example, two people who are in the same situation of poverty. One is wallowing in their horrible luck, lamenting what’s lacking in their life. They’re lethargic and hopeless and everything that happens is just another nail in their coffin of suffering. Now take person number two. Although they too are impoverished, they look around and take stock of what they do have, be it socks on their feet and food in their stomach, or the fact that they’re alive. By being grateful for the little stuff and the big stuff, there’s always hope, and with hope comes the possibility of change. This second person is resilient and through their resiliency they are able to accept the good, expect the good and focus their attention on life changes for the better!

Your reactions to everything that happens, big or small, determine what happens next and how you feel about yourself. Every thought, action and reaction has the incredible power to make or break you, so making the new habit to concentrate in the right way is an invaluable skill to learn. And you can learn it, even if your natural instinct is to tell people that the glass is half empty, rather than half full.

Retraining your brain involves refocusing how you think about life and most importantly the small stuff. People can be powerfully negative in their thoughts about their lives and accomplishments. Add debilitating, destructive fear, and you might be hard pressed to remember your own name. Negative thought attracts negative things, whereas positive thought opens you up to incredibly positive things, inner peace and a can-do confidence!

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