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Women’s Wellness Weekend at Sun Peaks: Finding a quiet mind

 | September 4, 2012

June Earle is well known to SPIN readers; she’s written a psychology column for the newsmagazine for over 10 years. On top of her freelance commitments, Earle has maintained a relationship to psychology and counselling in her home city of West Vancouver. And, on Sunday, September 16, she’ll be facilitating a workshop at Sun Peaks Resort’s Women’s Wellness Weekend.

Her seminar, entitled “The Power of a Quiet Mind” speaks to living in the present, and learning to quiet our busy minds.
“In our culture there’s almost a reverence for multitasking and being busy, so it’s a bit of a leap to think about (living) in this modern world with a calm mind,” explains Earle. “They’ve found that we make wiser choices when our mind is calm because we aren’t so scattered . . . it’s just a matter of having that experience of settling your mind down and seeing how much more creative (you are).”

Earle began her career in physiotherapy, but found that while she was working on people’s bodies they would often share their feelings. These insights piqued Earle’s interest and she realized that graduate schooling in psychology was her path to follow. She earned her Masters in Counselling Psychology from Antioch University in Seattle, Washington and has since spent close to 20 years actively engaged in the subject.

Fundamental to Earle’s work is the philosophy that we are each in control of our own experiences.

“Life is an inside out thing, not outside in,” she says. “That’s a big leap, I appreciate that. But it’s also very freeing to think that we’re not at the whim of other people’s schedules or opinions, that we have huge choice in our own response to things.”

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