Editor's Note

You can make a difference

 | November 30, 2013

village-smEarly winter is a fantastic time of year to be in Sun Peaks. The hills are covered in snow, new faces abound, and the local workforce busies itself ramping up businesses for another full tilt winter season.

For those who call Sun Peaks their permanent home, the coming of winter means many things. For the retirees in Sun Peaks, it’s another season of fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities at their door; while for those who own businesses, it’s their “make hay” time of year, as guests from around the world begin to fill the slopes.

For the many young travellers and foreign workers who flock to Sun Peaks in their annual migration it may be about experiencing a new culture, a new job or simply about riding the champagne powder snow of the B.C. Interior.

Whatever reason you have to call Sun Peaks your home, be it for the next six months or like myself for the last two decades, you should consider yourself extremely lucky. Each day many of us can simply hop on the chairlift for a quick run before work or even catch a chairlift to work as part of our day. We have no commute to really speak of, no cramming into packed public transit each morning and certainly no rush hour to contend with, unless you call a small lift line on a powder day “rush hour.” Some say we live in a fantasy land compared to the outside world and I can’t really disagree.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes Sun Peaks such a great place, it really is about the guests who come to experience what we’re lucky enough to have in our daily lives. That’s right, without the visitors from around the globe who come to Sun Peaks in droves each year, none of us would be able to live the way we do, or for that matter live here at all. Sun Peaks has made a global name for itself as a resort community full of people who want to make a difference, and it’s that attitude that makes us stand out.

A simple smile, a “good morning” or a, “How can I help you?” whenever you meet a new visitor in town is all it takes to make the Sun Peaks difference. Go out of your way to make someone’s day and give them a reason to say, “Wow, what an awesome time I had at Sun Peaks!” We all need to realize that, unlike in many big cities, it’s not all about you and your experience here in Sun Peaks, it’s about the guests and visitors and their experience while in our community.

Whether you’ve been here a week, a month or 10 years, be that person who makes a positive difference in someone’s day, because taking that extra step to give someone an extraordinary experience is truly what being a Sun Peaks local is all about.