Want to be my friend?


Kids are really much nicer than adults. Sure, toddlers are shockingly violent and vocal for their size (just imagine adults carrying on the way three-year-olds are wont to do), but that’s just a communicative plea, rather than an inherently mean streak. Adults can be inherently mean; or more often, simply disinterested and exhausted. Note, both … [Read more...]

Looking at helmets — head on


To some it’s a personal issue, a matter of imposition on civil liberties, but as skiers and snowboarders take a look at the people near and far who’ve been impacted by snow sports related brain injuries many think it’s simply time to click in and get used to it. Impact to the head can be devastating on beginner terrain (Natasha Richardson), … [Read more...]

Whitecroft fire protection – prepare to cast your vote


The time is approaching for Whitecroft homeowners to make a choice. The plausibility of Whitecroft partnering with Sun Peaks Municipality for fire protection has been underway for almost a year now, but it was the August 8 house fire which destroyed one Whitecroft residence that really brought the discussion to the fore. Ron Storie, manager of … [Read more...]