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A real Canadian rock band

 | April 26, 2010

Move the furniture out of the way, it’s time to rock out . . . to Old Crows/Young Cardinals.
Released June 2009, Old Crows/Young Cardinals is the fourth release from Canadian post hardcore band Alexisonfire. The five-piece band, including Canadian heartthrob Dallas Green (City and Colour), has a uniquely wonderful way of balancing heavy atmospheric hard rock with Green’s tortured, melodic choruses. Alexisonfire is worth seeing live.

Old Crows/Young Cardinals sounds similar to their last success, 2006’s Crisis. “Heading for the Sun” is a faster version of “This Could be Anywhere in the World”, both equally great. The combination of George Pettit’s lead hoarse screaming and Green’s commanding and somewhat sensitive vocals are what makes this band such a hit. Not only can you understand some of the lyrics but you also get the full effect and emotion intended.

Personal favourites include “Young Cardinals” and “The Northern” which portray that perfect aforementioned vocal and musical balance, while “Burial” was the perfect comedown after the eardrum pandemonium of the rest of the album.