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Local artists’ work to head ‘Off the Hill’ in Kamloops Art Council exhibition

 | February 22, 2021

Many local Sun Peaks artists will have works on display in a variety of mediums at the old courthouse in Kamloops

Skating Pond #1 by Bruce Mitchell is one of several pieces you’ll find of his in the exhibition. Provided by Marj Knive.

From Mar. 26 to April 17, Sun Peaks ArtZone’s artist members will be given the opportunity to have their works on display during an exhibition in the Old Kamloops Courthouse. Organized by the Kamloops Art Council, the display is being called the ‘Off the Hill’ exhibition.

After being postponed almost a year due to COVID-19, local works will take the form of photography, paintings, fibre arts and stained glass pieces, including president of ArtZone Sun Peaks, Marj Knive’s, Sun Peaks Tartan.

Read more about Knive’s Tartan here.

All the work that will be on display has been inspired by the surroundings of Sun Peaks.

“[Last year] we were asked by the Kamloops Art Council if we would consider doing this, we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase local artists of Sun Peaks in Kamloops and to get their names out there, and to showcase what Sun Peaks was all about,” Knive said.

The exhibition will be displayed in three spaces within the old courthouse. One of the spaces will display local photographer Bill Fell’s black and white photography, which will be his individual exhibition named ‘On the Hill’. 

“In the beginning we were afraid because of COVID-19 that we would have a hard time getting enough pieces to fill the spaces,” said Knive. “But we’ve been completely surprised by how many of the artists have stepped forward and they’re really taking the opportunity to show off what they’ve done during the pandemic. We’re going to have a really great exhibition in Kamloops.”

Now that all the COVID-19 protocols are in place, Knive added it’s much easier to plan the exhibition and it gives people a real opportunity to see some art during the pandemic, something that hasn’t been easy to accommodate.

Contributions to the exhibition must be in by March 6 and if artists want their pieces on display, they’ll have to become ArtZone members beforehand.

“We’re always accepting new members and are more than happy to have people join so that they can be part of the exhibition,” explained Knive. “Just go to our website and there’s a button that says become a member.”