Open letter to Sun Peaks’ management

 | March 18, 2020
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Dear Managers,

I’m bummed that we’re closing early. I won’t pretend otherwise. I was stoked with the snow, the vibe from guests coming and having a good time, the sunny spring weather, and the team I got to work with.

I get why we’re closing. I’ve seen math that estimates more than a half million Canadians will need lifesaving ventilators that just don’t exist right now. I know the resort is a set of hotels and shared accommodations as much as it is a set of chair lifts and ski runs, and that makes it a good place to transmit COVID-19.

I’ve got grandparents that are straddling 90, and friends with grandparents. I appreciate the people closest to them taking precautions so they don’t have to roll the dice with the virus. It hit me today that if we’re lucky and work together, this crisis will stretch out for years instead of months, like the exact opposite of ripping a bandaid.

I know that this must be one of the hardest calls you men and women will have to make in your careers. You’re all human, most of you ski or ride, you all have personal relationships with your affected staff, and I can’t imagine any of you being happy we’re shutting down. Actually, I imagine all of you are just as bummed as me.

So, thanks. Thanks for making the hard call. Thanks for supporting us the best you can while we’re adrift. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Thanks for the great season.

Graham Zell

P.S. Thank you for reading. This letter is open so that you might sign your name to it if you see it reflect something in you. Let’s lean into this time of uncertainty together, and go say something nice to your manager or someone you know who has had to make a hard decision.