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WAZU brings metal, synths and a heavy dose of the 80s

 | November 24, 2012

Wherever this new wave ‘80s-tinged music trend came from, hopefully it sticks around for a while. If you loved Bowie and Depeche Mode from the ‘80s spun with a hint of Nine Inch Nails, layered over some metal undertones you’ll love WAZU.

WAZU comprises Matt and Rizz, two Australian ex-pats currently situated in New York City, but making waves all over North America and Europe. The two reportedly met at a university year-end bash and formed a metal band before they became WAZU. It happens to everyone right?

This unique background has formed WAZU into something unlike any other trendy new-wave band out there. It’s dark and synthy, yes, but in tracks like “Show Your Skin” the band ups the edginess factor by including heavy, distorted guitars and Halloween synths—very suitable to their debut full-length album Robobo’s release date.

Ridiculous outfits and the fact that Matt kind of looks like David Bowie aside, these two musicians have taken ‘80s dark wave/synth/pop (whatever you want to call it) to a new level with Robobo. Produced by Kevin McMahon (who uses a retired grain silo as a reverb centre) and Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Hangmen), the 11-tracked album will make a great addition to anyone’s skiing or snowboarding playlist. Songs like “Hard Game” and “It’s a Trick” are fast and fun.

WAZU reports that they’ll be touring North America after the release of their album though no Canadian dates have been listed. Here’s hoping we see them make an appearance in the West soon.