Wellness weekend to offer keys to balance

The hunt for bal-ance between careers, families, and personal time can leave many women feeling more overwhelmed than grounded. That’s why Sun Peaks Resort is hosting its first Women’s Wellness Weekend from September 14 to 16.

The weekend offers Tai Chi and yoga, as well as seminars and events by four female mentors: Janet Whitehead, Isabelle Hamptonstone, Amy Earle and June Earle.

“I’m super excited to get (together with these experts) and really discover, within their profession and within their experience, what bits of advice we can share by coming together (that) will help women in the moment and in the future,” says Hamptonstone. “The goal is really to get (the women) to discover their inner brilliance by helping them realize they can do things, they can put themselves first.”

Hamptonstone, a Sun Peaks local and life coach, will give the keynote speech for the event. She advocates for women to take care of themselves, and works extensively with teams and individuals to help people find that there “really is a better way.”

Kamloops resident Janet Whitehead, of Musings and Mud Coaching Studio, is also on the program, offering two seminars over the weekend. Whitehead’s coaching helps people get beyond “barriers, shoulds, lack of clarity and fears to move forward and achieve goals purposefully, passionately and soulfully . . . and in your own very unique way.”

Whitehead’s first seminar, The Muse Within, will help women get in touch with their unique qualities. Her second seminar, Balance in a Busy World, will speak to the dilemmas women face in a world with so much to do, yet so little time.

“Often we can be overburdened by the pressures of the day. We can get exhausted because we’re trying to look out for everybody else,” says Hamptonstone. “We’re in this negative loop where we’re just getting more and more to do and we feel we have less ability to do these things that we need to do.”

Hamptonstone will share some of her personal coaching wisdom and tools to help women see that there is a way out of those imprisoning feelings by “releasing, renewing and rediscovering you.”

“The most important resource a woman has is her own strength, so the whole weekend is about reconnecting with her own personal strength and her own ability to discover her inner brilliance by really putting herself first,” says Hamptonstone.

Hamptonstone holds a Masters in Science and is a certified neurolinguistic programmer by the Association of Integrated Psychology. She is presently finishing her masters in neurolinguistics.

Whitehead is a certified professional life coach and graduate of the International Coaching Academy with experience in transition, wellness and life balance, spiritual coaching, executive coaching and business building.

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