Talented young photographers display art

Photography Exhibit - Photo courtesy Kirsten Flinn

Students from the Sun Peaks Discovery Centre for Balanced Education (DCBE) were hard at work in June, hosting their first ever photography exhibition at Sotheby’s International Realty on Wednesday, June 17. Leading up to the exhibition, students spent time learning about photography before getting out in the field to experiment with different photography techniques. Students then chose their favourite photos to … [Read more...]

Spotlight – Gemma Harris

Gemma Harris1

Gemma Harris has travelled many countries in her 27 years to end up in Sun Peaks, the community she proudly calls home. Born in Oxford, England, Harris’ love for photography began as a girl when Kodak came to her school in Ecton to run weekly seminars focused on disposable cameras. “They’d give us a project, like making an album or something, and I went a little overboard and got really into it,” recounts … [Read more...]

The Northern pygmy owl


The Northern pygmy owl is a sight that never fails to fascinate — its unmatched beauty strikes a chord with pretty much everyone. This little creature is one of the smallest species of owl and at hardly 18 centimetres tall it’s only a little bigger than a pop can. While it’s arguable that everything about the pygmy owl makes it a visual treat, it’s the pair of black patches it has on its nape that really renders … [Read more...]

A coat for every lens


This past fall I spent some time photographing in the Wells Gray Provincial Park backcountry. My guide on the adventure led me through some of the thickest bush and wetlands I’ve ever experienced. In order to be prepared to photograph deer and moose at a moment’s notice, I carried my big 10 pound wildlife lens, camera and tripod over my shoulder the entire time. Luckily, my lens was fitted with a lens cover. The … [Read more...]

Get started with close-ups


If you’ve read my past columns you’ll know that I’m in love with wildlife especially the big subjects like deer, bear and sheep. It’s a huge thrill to be able to shoot these creatures with the camera but the truth is finding these animals doesn’t happen every day. So, it’s nice to have another photographic interest during those down times. This month I’d like to get you thinking about close-up nature … [Read more...]